zyBooks Online Course Refresher Textbook

Spend a part of your summer ‘brushing-up’ on course topics you took at your previous institution and prepare to build upon them in your first year.


History tells us that gaps in learning and preparation exist as transfer students transition their learning from one institution to UCLA Engineering.  It may have been some time since students have taken a course and instructors may teach to a slightly different course outcome than what is needed to succeed in subsequent courses. 

We encourage incoming engineering transfer students to spend some time over the summer strengthening any weaknesses identified by our Diagnostic Assessment tests to prepare for the next courses at UCLA Engineering.  Students will be invited to retake another Diagnostic Test at the end of the summer to check their progress.

What is a zyBooks online textbook?

To provide a way for students to strengthen their knowledge in areas identified through results from their Diagnostic Assessment tests, UCLA Engineering has put together an online course textbook that provides content on course modules and includes practice problems, challenge questions, and practice labs.  The zyBook will provide feedback as you progress through the practice-problems to provide you guidance and focus your efforts on learning the content; rather than performing on an exam.  The course is self-paced and students can choose the modules they would like to brush-up on. 

Our zyBook includes content for the following courses: 

UCLA’s CS 31 (C++),
UCLA’s CS 32,
UCLA’s M20 (Matlab)
UCLA’s ECE 10 (Circuits)
Math 33A (Linear Algebra)
Math 33B (Differential Equations) 

zyBooks Chapters by Subject: 

Circuits (zyBooks chapters 1 - 6)

  1. Basic Electricity
  2. Resistor Networks
  3. Network Analysis
  4. Time-Domain Analysis
  5. Op-amps
  6. Frequency-Domain Analysis

CS 31 (zyBooks chapters 7 - 14)

7. Introduction to C++
8. Variables/ Assignments
9. Branches
10. Loops
11. Arrays/ Vectors
12. User-Defined Functions
13. Objects and Classes
14. Pointers

CS 32 (zyBooks chapters 13 - 21)

  1. Objects and Classes
  2. Pointers
  3. Streams
  4. Inheritence
  5. Recursion
  6. Exceptions
  7. Templates
  8. Containers
  9. Searching and Sorting Algorithms

Math 33A Linear Algebra (zyBooks chapters 24 - 32)

  1. Systems of Linear Equations
  2. Matrix Algebra
  3. Introduction to Vectors
  4. Euclidean Vector Spaces
  5. Determinants
  6. General Vector Spaces
  7. Linear Transformations
  8. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
  9. Inner Product Spaces and Orthogonality

Math 33B Differential Equations (zyBooks chapters TBA)

Information coming soon.

M20 (Matlab) (zyBooks chapters 31 - 56)

  1. Introduction to Matlab
  2. Variables, Assignments, and Expressions
  3. Logic
  4. Scripts/Functions
  5. 1D Array Basics
  6. 1D Array Intermediary
  7. 1D Array Advanced
  8. 1D Array Apps Intro
  9. 1D Array Numeric Apps
  10. 2D Array Basics
  11. 2D Array Advanced 1
  12. 2D Array Advanced 2
  13. Data Visualization Basics
  14. Data Visualization Intermediary
  15. Data Visualization Advanced
  16. Branches
  17. Loops
  18. Custom Functions
  19. Strings and Characters
  20. Structures
  21. MATLAB Data Structures
  22. Object Oriented Programming
  23. Graphical User Interfaces

Disclaimer: You will NOT receive course credit for completing these Course Refreshers.  These are for students who have already received credit for these classes. Participating in Course Refresher is not a requirement, is completely optional, and does NOT guarantee you performance in subsequent courses at UCLA.  The resource is meant to provide students with some measure of their readiness to continue their learning at UCLA Engineering.

What is zyBooks?

Focus on the fun of learning instead of performance. 

zyBooks is pioneering a new kind of learning content, created specifically for the modern web. A zyBook is web-native interactive content that helps students learn challenging topics, with auto-grading to provide immediate feedback on proficiency.  Students will have access to content from the zyBooks text book while working on practice problems, challenge questions, and labs.  As students work, they will receive feedback and guidance on their progress to ensure they are learning concepts.

For more information on zyBooks, please visit this website: https://www.zybooks.com/


Participant fee: $88 zyBooks license.  Here is how you can sign-up for our UCLA Accelerator Course Refresher zyBook textbook:

  • Sign in or create an account at learn.zybooks.com
  • Enter zyBook code: coming soon
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Please contact the Engineering Transfer Center (etransfercenter@hsseas.ucla.edu) with any questions.