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Welcome Fall 2020 incoming Engineering Transfer Students!

Greetings and welcome new engineering transfer students!  We would like to congratulate you on your acceptance to UCLA Samueli! We are delighted to welcome you to our community and look forward to working with you in the Fall.

As you prepare for the approaching Fall quarter, we want to encourage you to visit the Office of Academic and Student Affairs’ New Undergraduate Students page for information on orientation, advising, enrolling, and other important information you will want to look at.

Additionally, we would like you to view the welcome message
(video on the left), you’ll hear about what the Center has planned for you as an engineering transfer student. This includes a brand new Transfer Bridge to UCLA Samueli program specifically for engineering transfer students.  Space is limited and there is no tuition for this program.  We would like to encourage you to apply for this pre-fall program that will help jump-start your success here at UCLA Engineering.

Programs and Resources Organized by ETC

Transfer Bridge for UCLA Samueli Engineering program

The Transfer Bridge to UCLA Sameuli Engineering program is designed to cover content for: CS 32 or M20 (Matlab), and Math (Differential Equations & Linear Algebra)

UCLA courses included in the program
Participants are broken into teams based on their major: All CS and ECE students will receive instruction on CS 32. All other engineering majors will receive Matlab instruction. All participants will receive instruction and brush up on Differential Equations and Linear Algebra

To learn more about the UCLA Samueli Engineering Course Review Transfer Bridge Program, including responses to FAQs, please visit the program site, here.  Please email Wes Uehara,  for additional questions.

UCLA Samueli Engineering Course Review Bridge

The Course Review Bridge Program is designed to provide a review of course content for students who have taken courses at their previous institutions.

UCLA courses included in the program
Transfer Bridge will have a review textbook containing three topics: introductory C++, linear algebra, and circuit theory. Having a solid foundation in these topics is vital to performance in more advanced engineering courses in their relevant majors, so making sure all the concepts have been properly covered is crucial for student success.

To learn more about the UCLA Samueli Engineering Course Review Transfer Bridge Program, please visit the program website.

E Transfer 101


August 25 – September 3, 2020
Evenings and weekends
Event Flyer

Want to know what to expect in year 1?
Want to meet fellow eTransfers prior to
joining classes in the fall? Want to know
about opportunities in advance so you don’t
‘miss the boat’? Want to make the most of
your time at UCLA Engineering?

Registration for E101 is now closed.

To watch recorded sessions and see posted slides for E101 2020 events please visit our website here!


Programs and Resources Organized by Campus

New Student and Transition Programs (NSTP)

NSTP‘s goal is to provide educational planning, academic advising, and adjustment guidance to all new undergraduate students entering UCLA for the first time. They oversee all new student, transfer, and family orientations, a mentoring network, and the True Bruin Tradition Keepers challenge. For information on new student orientation please click here.

Connect with New Student and Transitions Program
E-mail | Students – 
Family Members – 
Phone | 310.206.6685

Transfer - New Student Checklist

The UCLA Admissions Office created a helpful list for newly admitted transfers. Students can use this checklist as a guide to make sure they are on track for enrollment and other important dates and deadlines. Be sure to also check out our list of resources for transfer students here!

In addition to offering guidelines, the list also contains links to helpful resources and information for transfers:
Transfer Checklist
UCLA Undergraduate Admissions
Other things to know before you enroll