2021 Spring Quarter Kick-off & Networking for eTransfers

Friday, April 2, 2021 | 3:00 – 4:30 PM

Join us in re-connecting with fellow eTransfers at social networking event hosted on Gatherly.  Connect with those you want.  No more break-out rooms.  We will structure the event space to help you connect with people in the courses you are taking in Winter Quarter.

Link to our event: https://etransferspringkickoff.event.gatherly.io

Information on important deadlines, events, and opportunities will be posted below after the event.


Guided Pathways for eTransfers – Spring 2021 Edition

Week by week guide of what to expect in Spring 2021.  When the eTransfer Center opened it’s doors, engineering transfers asked for a week-by-week guide of what happens through their first year to help with managing their experience and in an attempt to not ‘miss-the-boat’.  While NOT exhaustive, the Guided Pathways for eTransfers offers a good look at what to expect.

Use it to plot a course for your spring quarter activities!  Click here to view or download the PDF version of the Guided Pathways

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Accelerator for eTransfers – Spring 2021 Edition

Spring quarter events, opportunities & resources for engineering transfer students.  Let us know if there is anything else you would like by completing our Student Engagement survey here: https://forms.gle/gMEwipkq5CZrPrDb6.

Click here to view or download the PDF version of the Spring Accelerator


eTransfer Hangouts

Join us and the other engineering transfer students from Week 2 up until the week before finals week as we organize fun and fruitful activities. The activities by week are listed below:

week 2 | Get to know the eTransfer Center staff
week 3 | Q&A session
week 4 | Scavenger Hunt game night
week 5 | Talent Show
week 6 | Creating a post-graduation budget
week 7 | Movie night
week 8 | Uno
week 9 | Q&A session
week 10 | Among us game night

Join us using the Zoom Link: https://ucla.zoom.us/j/92090055780?pwd=MWVHNng1OFZBMEwycUlFZm5rSjRMdz09

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eTransfer Alumni Working in Industry

Speaker Series & Networking Session

Want to learn about the industry you’re interested in? Want to learn what you can do to work towards the job of your dreams? Maybe you want to know what the right questions are to find if a potential employer is a good fit? Want to learn when to negotiate salary?

Then come to the UCLA Engineering Transfer Center’s Speaker Series event! We will be featuring various transfer alumni working in industry so you can ask them all the burning questions you have about working in industry.

REGISTRATION: https://forms.gle/bwcWpU62xe6u4xc3A

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2020 – 2021 ETC Student Advisory Board

Our Student Advisory Board provides a student voice to the Engineering Transfer Center and helps us to improve services and activities for engineering transfers.  Additionally, each year, our Board identifies and selects one or two items to support that improves the engineering transfer experience at UCLA Samueli.  Thank you to Dylan & Ivan!

Recorded information:

Dylan del Rosario
Electrical Engineering
1st Year Transfer Student, Chaffey College

My name is Dylan Del Rosario and I am a first year engineering transfer student. Outside of engineering, my interests are playing sports such as soccer and swimming, discovering new music, and being a Vans (the shoe) enthusiast. I love connecting with other transfer students and being part of this community, especially during such a unique time!

Ivan Ma
Computer Science
1st Year Transfer Student, Irvine Valley College

Hi, I am Ivan! I like to play soccer and try different foods.

MentorSEAS event

The Hot Seat
Friday, April 2, 2021 | 7 PM
UCLA Gift Cards for the winning team!  Bring your friends (even non-engineering students)
Event information on MentorSEAS Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/1758773894305345/ 

Recruiting MentorSEAS mentors for next year’s incoming eTransfers
Stay-tuned if you are interested in helping!

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Discover Engineering for Transfers

Saturday, May 8, 2021 | 9:00 AM – 2:00PM (Shifts throughout the day)

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Are you an engineering transfer student? We need your help congratulating and welcoming the new admitted engineering transfer class.  Discover Engineering for Transfers is our premiere recruiting event for admitted transfer students.  We will host Department sessions, Q & A with current eTransfers, and a virtual Student Organization Fair.  Come help us welcome the new admits and encourage them to join our Bruin family.

Register to help: https://forms.gle/UikMFT6KTrSQ2Etg8

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Celebrate eTransfers! 

Save the date! This year celebrate will be held on June 11th, from 5PM-7PM.

It has been a challenging year for engineering students as we had to transition from in-person instructions to virtual ones. However, don’t let that hinder the fact that we, as a community, had to work our best to thrive and adapt in the new environment. With that spirit, join us as we celebrate the end of the academic year by:

  • Congratulating our graduating eTransfers – Graduating seniors will also be invited to pay tribute to their family and the transfer champion in their life.
  • Acknowledging our Transfer Champions – vote for your faculty, staff, and student who made a difference for the transfer community
  • Thanking our donors and sponsors
  • Celebrating the accomplishments of our eTransfers (at UCLA Engineering & our partnering Community Colleges)

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Sample slide template for graduating seniors to recognize their transfer champions:


Winter Quarter Student Engagement surveyhttps://forms.gle/gMEwipkq5CZrPrDb6

eTransfer Spring Kick-off & Networking Feedback Surveyhttps://forms.gle/azwAqEPZ17YhguLi7

Please complete by Friday, April 9, 2021

We are playing Mafia after the presentations! Join us!