Winter 2022 eTransfer Student Welcome and Mixer

Meet your MentorSEAS mentors, hear about ETC events and activities for winter quarter, and catch up with fellow eTransfers before class starts. 

In the fall, we will welcome all incoming eTransfers and kick-off the academic year at the Fall Welcome & Mixer.  Afterwards, our annual HaCK Reunion is hosted at the same venue, for all summer HaCk participants to reconnect before the school year.

Friday, January 13th, 2023
5:00 – 6:30 PM
Engineering VI Building, First Floor Courtyard

Welcomes and Introductions

 To commence the event,  at 5:00, Wes Uehara, the director of the ETC, will begin by introducing himself and the ETC staff and tutors for the year. 

Wes will then proceed to cover the fall quarter events and will lay out the resources and guidelines for the ETC to help transfer students.


Student Mixer

 After introductions, we would like to invite all transfer students to the mixer portion of the event, around 5:30. Transfer students will get the chance to meet other new students in the engineering school and mingle with ETC tutors and mentors.

The mixer portion of the event will have snacks and refreshments from Portos Bakery!


HAcK Reunion

After introductions and the social mixer, the 2022 HAcK Reunion will be taking place on the Boelter Hall 2nd Floor Courtyard at 6:00.

If you were a participant in HAcK over 2022 summer come out and reacquaint with your fellow team members and  transfer peers before the school year begins!


Give Back to the ETC!

We are asking our returning transfer students to come out and help us to welcome the incoming transfer class! 

During the mixer, we will help you to connect with other incoming and current students in your Department!