Diagnostic Assessment Tests

an Accelerator for eTransfers program activity

Check your knowledge on topics learned from courses taken at your previous institution.  The Diagnostic Tests are your way of knowing that you have the foundation required to succeed in your first year at UCLA.

June 19, 2023 – Deadline to complete Diagnostic Assessment Tests (before summer session A).


History tells us that gaps in learning and preparation exist as transfer students transition their learning from their current institution to any four year institution.  At UCLA Engineering, we have established a series of Diagnostic Assessments that test student’s knowledge and comprehension of topics covered in classes taken at their previous institution.  The goal would be to provide incoming transfers with an assessment of their knowledge and identify any weaknesses in course topics and offer resources to brush-up on these concepts over the summer.

Testimony from previous eTransfers:

“I was lost in my CS 32 course.  I ended up dropping the class and auditing CS 31, a class I already took at my previous institution.  We spent two lectures on a topic that we spent 20 minutes on at my previous institution.” ~Computer Science Transfer Student in 2018.

“My ECE 102 course was difficult because I took Math 33A & B a year ago. I had to spend time brushing up on my differential equations before being able to apply it on problem sets in class.  I seem to spend all my weekends and breaks between terms trying to relearn concepts that are necessary for the classes I am taking.” ~Electrical Engineering Transfer Student in 2020. 

Testimony from previous Accelerator participants:

“I took my coding class over a year ago and haven’t coded since.  Participating in Classroom Boot Camp gave me a really good refresher for my first year at UCLA.”  Accelerator (previously called the Transfer Bridge program) participant in 2020. 

Assessments – for summer 2023 are now open!  We encourage students to take the assessments by June 19, 2023 before UCLA Summer Session begins.

The Diagnostic Assessment tests are available only to students who have previously taken and received credit for the equivalence of the UCLA courses below.  Incoming students who have taken the equivalent of the UCLA engineering course should take the corresponding Diagnostic Assessment test.  Please check assist.org for articulation agreements for equivalent courses.

Diagnostic tests are available in the following subjects (click the links below to access the assessments) :

           *UCLA’s CS 31, 32, and 33 courses are rigorous courses.  Faculty who teach this course have helped us to create the Diagnostic Assessment              to help students understand if they are prepared to take CS 32 or 33 at UCLA.

           **Math concepts in differential equations and linear algebra will be utilized in your upper-division engineering courses to solve engineering                 problems rather than equations.  Students will want to brush-up on these concepts before starting courses.

THESE TESTS ARE NOT DESIGNED TO AWARD YOU CREDIT. They are for gaining an understanding of your core proficiency in order for us to address any gaps in learning and preparation needed prior to taking subsequent courses at UCLA Engineering.

There is no fee for taking the tests.  We recommend all incoming eTransfers take the relevant assessment for any class they took at their previous institution.

Participant fee: $0 (Open and free to all incoming eTransfer students)

Accessing your results

How do I get my results?

The Diagnostic Assessments were created in Google Forms.  Once you hit ‘submit’, you will receive a copy of the questions and your answers in the email you provided in the form.  You will see the questions you got incorrect.  Please make a copy of this for your record so you know what areas you need to work on to strengthen your proficiency.

Please do NOT pay attention to your score as this activity is meant to identify the areas you are weak in to enable you to strengthen your proficiency in that area.  

Interpreting your results

What do I do once I receive my scores?

Once you receive your results, you will then need to decide how to spend the summer brushing up on content from these courses if it is needed.

Based on the results from the assessments, students have elected to:

Self-study using our zyBooks Course Refresher online textbook
We have provided a mapping between the specific question and the content in our zyBook Course Refresher text book that you can review.  The mapping and how to purchase your zyBooks course book can be found on the zyBooks Course Refresher page

 Audit a summer session course if you are weak in more than 1/3 the course content
Students who took a Diagnostic Test with results that show weakness in 1/3 course content or more might consider auditing a summer session course. 

For students interested in auditing CS 31 or 32 over the summer should contact the Engineering Transfer Center Director at wuehara@seas.ucla.edu with your name, UID, the course you are wishing to audit, a unofficial copy of your transcript showing where you previously took the course, and the score you received on the Diagnostic Assessment by Tuesday, June 20, 2023.

Please note that a request does not guaranty an offer to audit the course.  Consideration will only be given to those who take the Diagnostic Assessment and for only courses associated with our Diagnostic Assessments.

Self-study by pulling out  your notes and textbook from the course they took

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Who should take the Diagnostic Tests?

We recommend all incoming engineering transfers to take the Diagnostic Test for any courses they have previously taken.  All students should have taken Linear Algebra and can, at minimum, take the Math assessment.

What Diagnostic Assessment test should I take?

All incoming UCLA Engineering Transfer students should take the Math (Linear Algebra) assessment test.  Additionally, we highly-recommend students to take any assessment tests available for course topics that you took previously.

What is the difference between Course Refresher & Classroom Boot Camp?

Course Refresher – will help you to ‘brush-up’ on content you learned in a class that you already took.  Topics are aligned with the Diagnostic Assessment tests and are designed to address any weaknesses identified through the results of your assessments.  Participants will work with undergraduate mentors and other eTransfers to prepare to re-take the Diagnostic Assessment test at the end of Course Refresher.

Classroom Boot Camp – offers incoming eTransfers the opportunity to pre-learn content from CS 32 or M20.  Participants will attend lecture and discussion sessions to get a feel for the rigor and structure of a UCLA Engineering classroom.  Participants in the CS 32 Boot Camp must have taken and received credit for the equivalent of CS 31.  Those needing to take CS 32 or 33 are welcome to register for the CS 32 Boot Camp.  Students that don’t need to take CS 32 are welcome to register for the Matlab Boot Camp.

Will I receive course credit for completing a Diagnostic Test?

No.  The Diagnostic Assessment Test will provide students with feedback on their understanding of course concepts only.  Accelerator does NOT offer any experiences that award class credit.

Does my performance on the Diagnostic Assessment Tests impact the courses I am able to register for?

No.  The Diagnostic Assessment Tests are to help incoming students check their proficiency only.  It does not impact your ability to register for classes.

Are there any fees to take the tests?

No.  There are no fees to take the Diagnostic Assessment Tests and Summer Planning. 

Please contact the Engineering Transfer Center (etransfercenter@hsseas.ucla.edu) with any questions or issues you experience with the Diagnostic Assessments.